Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Why do people insist on twisting things?

We all know someone who twists what we say. They sit there with their head slightly sticking out and their nose pointing towards their next victim. Glasses lowered to create an air of uncertainty yet assurance of intelligence. Of course they do not posses any of these characteristics, their merely a shadow of their former self as a dark cloud is drawn over them when a person comes to them with a problem, the transformation is done in a blink of an eye, the victim suspects nothing. Shit stirrer. Leaning forward to show their listening and nodding their head profusely whilst twitching their eyebrows. They listen in, think, then open their mouth. The victim finishes their story and hope for comfort and support.

They get exactly that, with a subtle amount of truth, they open their mouth and say exactly what they had said so they have an element of truth in their twisted version of events, but because they have confirmed what the victim has just said, the victim is open to believe anything, they take advantage of this vulnerability.. Yet I can't understand how people can be so stupid? Why would you listen to someone who you know if talking from their bottom and seem to have a case of verbal diarrhoea. Their key step in chatting effectively what is a load of shit, is to just put a bit of truth in there so the other person believes them. Well it's time we took a stand! I am, for what seems an age, manipulating their wickedness by pulling apart a key    part in their game.

The truth. That's it. What they do it lie to you by telling you said, then twist it. But what would happen if the truth wasn't there? What if the truth, wasn't the truth? I've done this many-a-time. It's simple. Simply, tell them a lie, wait and watch as they pretend to know something about the subject and watch as they play into your hands. With these simple tricks, you can, once and for all find out who is really lying to you.


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