Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Narrrsty childrens!!!!!

Today at school the fire alarm didn't go off once, twice, but THREE times. These small little Year 7s may be have a bloody rubbish lesson next, but some of us would like to learn!

I went to school saw the usual people, faces and bums. :o. Went to registration and all I could hear was this loud shriek emerging from the corridor, upon further inspection, it was the fire alarm! There was no fire! I didn't see any fire, did you? These small little nasty children push the button and scuttle of like cowards. The only fire there was, was in my rage! The alarm, children, is for fires. If you see a fire, or cause one in your cases, you push it.

We lined up and we have this teacher who articulates his words with fierce precision and projects his words really loudly! It's so surreal. He's like, "LINE UP IN TUTOR GROUPS. BE SILENT AND FACE THE FRONT", I can't help but mock him haha, it's soo funny.

In other news, did you know that LA has more crime than NY? I had no idea, it's so strange. Always presumed it was the other way around.

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